Why Are There So Many Churches?

We look around and what do we see? Churches are everywhere. So many different churches, all teaching different doctrines, all having different names, all trying to serve one God. Why? Why do some churches teach salvation by grace only? Why do some teach salvation by faith only and others teach salvation by works? How can we teach so many different ways of salvation, and yet say we are all united in Christ?

I believe one reason for so many churches is because people are ignorant of God's word. In Matthew 22.29, Jesus answered a question by saying to the people, You are wrong because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God. People are taught so many different things and they believe them because they do not know the Bible and what the Bible teaches. Even the Apostle Paul said that his life of sin before he became a Christian was done in ignorance and unbelief. (1 Timothy 1.13.) Ignorance is no excuse; God holds us responsible to know the truth. Jesus said You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. (John 8.32.) By knowing the truth, we can obey the truth. When we do not know what the Bible teaches, we can be led away into many false teachings.

Another reason there are so many churches is that there are people who do not teach God's word properly. The Bible warns us so many times of false teachers who would lead us into sin. (Matthew 24.24, 2 Thessalonians 2.9-12, 1 Timothy 4.1-3 and many other scriptures.) The Bible also warns us to handle the word of God carefully. 2 Timothy 2.15 says we are to: handle properly the word of God. This means it can be used in a wrong way if we are not careful. If a man tells you he is a driver and you let him drive your car, you will be in trouble if he does not drive properly. He can spoil your car and maybe kill you!

The number one reason there are so many churches is because people do not respect God's word. We respect the president, the chief, our fathers, but when God speaks, we don't listen! So many people ignore what God says and believe what they want to believe. But listen! The Bible says we are cursed if we add to God's word, take something away or change it in any way. (Revelation 22.18-19, Deuteronomy 4.2, 2 John 9.) Jesus said, In vain do they worship me who teach doctrines of men. (Mark 7.7.) The New Testament exhorts us to be diligent in trying to understand the truth that was delivered through Christ. (Jude 3.)

My friends, there are so many churches in the world, but God is not happy. These churches come from ignorance, false teaching, pride and other worldly reasons. Jesus prayed that all His disciples would be united even as God is one. (John 17.20-21.) The Bible teaches that Christ has only one body, (Ephesians 4.4,) which is the church. (Ephesians 1.22-23.) God has only one church. But the world is full of so many churches, and God is not happy.

What can we do? We must try to be the church we read about in the New Testament and that is all.

If you are a seeker of truth, we invite you to consider a certain group of people. We are trying to be Christians only. We want to follow the Bible and only the Bible. We have no earthly headquarters, no regional offices, no councils or ruling bodies. We worship in simplicity only as directed by the New Testament of Jesus Christ. We teach only what the Bible says about salvation and faith. We encourage our individual members to live a devoted Christian life in the liberty of Faith, serving the Lord daily and joyfully. We are united in Christ by a common faith.
If you want to know more about us, read the New Testament and see what God's people should be. Look at us and study with us. Help us as we strive to restore New Testament Christianity. Denominationalism (so many churches) has caused the world to lose faith in Christ. We want to be God's people only and put away the teachings of men. Let God receive the glory, not man. Let God direct our faith, not man. Jesus said, I will build MY church. (Matthew 16.18.) We must strive to be that church just like in the New Testament. If Jesus built His church (and surely He did), we should try to be that one church by following His word. We know there is no salvation outside of Christ. (Ephesians 5.23, 2 Timothy 2.10.) Therefore, we must strive to be in Christ and be His people.
Why not come and let us reason together? (Isaiah 1.18.) Are you interested in the New Testament way? Are you interested in pure, simple Christianity? I hope so. Please contact us. You will find us called the "churches of Christ" because that is what we are trying to be - the church of Christ. Come, join with us as we strive to restore New Testament Christianity!