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Ways to USE and Link to this Site

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How to Link to this Site:

FIRST - If you are currently linked to the "Worldwide Directory for the churches of Christ" at its old web location at "networksplus/wad/churches/", please change your link to this location.   The old location only points to this URL and will not be available much longer.

Simply link as follows...
<a href="">Worldwide Directory</a>
It will render...   Worldwide Directory


Examples are Coming Soon!


SECOND - You may capture any of the images above to use on your link page.   Note that each one has the size if you wish to speed up the way your page will download.   And, the file location in case would like to access the image each time from its current location.   This works well as OLM may upgrade the image and your site will automatically exhibit the new image file (you never have to worry about it anymore.

Simply link as follows...
<a href=""><a href="" width="75" height="75" alt="Worldwide Directory"></a>
It will render...  

Purpose of this Site:

This site is intended for use by any and everyone in the world who wishes to locate a main stream congregation of the church of Christ either near or far.   We also seek to foster a grid (web or net) affect across the Internet that will catch as many of the browsing population as possible and pass them off to suitable affiliates.

OLM resource sites seek to be:

  1. Available (Nothing is worse than depending on a site that is not there when you need it.)
  2. Easy to use (Once you catch on to the format, you can "link without looking" and be right 100% of the time.)
  3. Not in your business (OLM is here to support your work; not steal information, clients, and your thunder.)
Like every good and worthwhile web site we are always a work in progress so if there is a particular portion you wish to have available, please contact us and make your request known.   We will work with our linked sites to get the best results (often within 48 to 72 hours).

There is a browsing plaquard at the bottom of many pages within OLM resources to get users forward and backward to the next logical place or augmenting web page with ease for online reading and presentations.


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